DotSandPlastic Tbilisi 2020, The Painterly Edition, brings to the capital of the Caucasus the art works of American, Irish, Mexican, Georgian and Spanish artist living in far apart cities of the world like Miami, Los Angeles, Madrid, Tbilisi, Rome and Bangkok.  The previous edition held in Madrid was dedicated to new media in art but in this occasion it focuses on painting as it has been one of the core disciplines in art and it is though painting that we can have a sense of evolution in the arts.  The historical influx is a major thread in the understanding of Tbilisi, and probably its mayor asset, so the exhibition will trace a parallel in the historical determination of development of the city and that of painting from antiquity to the most avant-garde form of artistic expression.  It is the continuity of some kind of ancestral essence what DotSandPlastic makes present in this art show. 

Painting is not just a 2D activity.  Painting is (if just by chance) one of the core elements of what historically we conceive as art.  Painting, in art, is different of other kind 2D image productions in the sense that it has a particular intention; it also functions in a very specific way and comes from a unique human impulse, among other uniqueness. 

DotSandPlastic 2020 isolates these issues to render them again visible in new supports like video, or quilts, plastic collages as well as in the most absolute orthodox media like paper or canvas.   The idea is to segregate the particular phenomenological specificity of painting making it evident in the art pieces integrating the selection of the show, and to connect them with the historical examples of consecrated art.  In this way continuity in painting dating back almost 2000 year will be noticeable in the most contemporary forms painting is adopting today. 

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May 11 to May 18 2020

Every day from 18:00h to 24:00h


Stamba D-Block

Stamba Hotel,14 M Kostava St Tbilisi, 0108, Georgia