Bestiary’s Watercolors 2023

Inspired by the mesmerizing realms of animal worlds, medieval bestiaries, and the imaginative universe depicted in Borges’ “Fauna of Mirrors,” is a collection of watercolors on paper sketched for oil painting panels, enriching the Bestiary room at the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

Botanical Poems  2022 – 2024

An ongoing Cyanotype series, frequently combined with watercolors to create visual compositions on paper or canvas. These compositions unfold through renderings of pressed plants, geometric cutouts, and watercolor drawings.

Watercolors 2021

Aquarelles 2018-2020

Astronomical Diaries

Vol III 2019

Drawings 2017-2018

Tea, Sumi & Watercolors 2014-2017

12 x 16 inch

Astronomical Diaries

Vol II 2016-2017

Astronomical Diaries

Vol I 2015

Present Absentee – Book Art 2014

Drawings 2013

Drawings 2012

Gesso and aquarelle on bogus paper, 12 x 8 inch

Playa Reveries 2011

Watercolor & gesso, 12 x 15 inch

Auto-Verse 2010

Collages, 12 x 12 inch