By June 14, 2009February 8th, 2021Exhibitions
“Wonderland Paintings with Gregg’s art-bike, cubes, and chairs”

Gregg Fleishman and Nana Tchitchoua present new works in the exhibition Seeing-Being-Dwelling, a mixed-media exploration of the world around us, the world within us and our situation with regard to them both.

Nana Tchitchoua’s new drawings and paintings are vibrant with life, luminous kaleidoscopes romantically intertwining humans and wildlife. Her work offers us a visual embrace on the way to an inner world, an up close and personal experience with birds and animals. Textural stencil works made from scraps comprise the graphic environments – a magical coexistence of elements.

As a continuing theme of the previous collaborative exhibitions such as The Kindergarten for All Agesî, the new works presented in Seeing-Being-Dwelling seek to navigate cultural divisions and fixed boundaries in order to discover ways of simpler and better living. This exhibition is dedicated to all the glimmers of awareness, possible solutions, and constructive approaches.

Opening reception: Sunday, June 14, 2009