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By July 4, 2007February 8th, 2021Exhibitions

Other ‘Zones‘ II: The Garden and The Cube

Gregg Fleishman, Nana Tchitchoua and Rachel Portenstein

Gregg Fleishman Studio is pleased to (re)-present Other ‘Zones’ II: The Garden and The Cube, ‘an exhibition in progress’
considering the intersection of architecture and visual arts. The Culver City based artists Gregg Fleishman, Nana Tchitchoua
and Rachel Portenstein, translate their collaborative fusion into an exhibition of social/architectural experiment centered
around interactive puzzle paintings, 3-dimensional scale models, a full size cube (shelter system), a play structure, labyrinth
and wonderland paintings and hanging paper sculptures. The space is a fantastic environment of harmony, playfulness and thoughtful
investigation into the future in a call for radical reconstruction.

  Gregg Fleishman's work redefines structures in playful expressions of geometrical harmony. He constructs structural skeletons, 
  grounded in real world conditions and meant to provoke new ways of living. These noble buildings are held together in scale and 
  character by Fleishman's unique elaboration on joints concentrated and harmoniously fitting together. In addition to structures 
  and models, the exhibition space is adorned with his dignified signature "SCULPT C H A I R S" that have been previously exhibited 
  worldwide and grace the collections of MOMA, the Yale University Art Galleries, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Garden and The Cube is not installed in a uniform manner throughout the gallery but instead is conceived as a variety of
experiences. The sort of questions raised by the cross-fertilization of archi-art seeks to circumnavigate the boundaries of space
and time by the creation of interdisciplinary objects that are modular, portable and transformative in their nature. The exhibition
is both a social/architectural experiment and an analogy with games advocating new modes of survival and living experimentally to
transform social relations by manipulating space and time. The KinderGarten for All Ages.

opening reception : Wednesday, July 4, 2007, 7:00pm