SAMOVAR Film Review

By February 3, 2006February 3rd, 2021Reviews


Which film is more important, a formula movie that doubles and triples its multimillion investment into more millions of dollars, or a low-budget indie which generate profit as frequently as Las Vegas gaming machines release fortunes out of their greedy mouths, or zero-budget “sub indies,” mostly seen by friends and business associates? If the answer seems obvious, then think again. Box office numbers are not the only success meters. For instance, aesthetics ignores these numbers altogether. Instead, it looks for the miraculous presence of something indefinable that touches human hearts. From this point of view, the success of an artistic creation is measured by it’s ability to lift a soul above its daily concerns into a higher realm of finer energies — closer to God and His angels. This phenomenon has a name – catharsis, in Greek – katharsis. According to Oxford dictionary, it means “purification of the emotions by vicarious experience,” in other words, cleansing by co-experiencing hero’s challenges, pain and suffering. The tricky part is that there are no success recipes, creators really cannot tell how they caught viewers’ attention, and it really doesn’t matter who the heroes are – masters or slaves, saints or sinners, or a bunch a murderers as in Hamlet, or if heroine is a prostitute as in La Dame Aux Camelias.

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