Dream Corridors

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In the Presence of Absence – Introduction by H.W. MacDonald

The Dream Corridors are a philosophical idea belonging to a collective of artists known as the “Last Night Dreamers.” This collective was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2011 by artist Nanuka Tchitchoua and her team of artistic and inventive collaborators. The Dream Corridors are a fictitious location where the dreams of living beings exist without interruption or disturbance. It is a place where dreams can be accessed, stored, created or left behind. The Dream Corridors begin in the mysterious parts of the body or brain where psychological and neurological forces are at work. The Corridors have no end. The conceived hallway extends from the body of the living being out into open space and the imagination. It is an abstract place with a strong, definitive identity.


Outopia at OXYGEN NoFair Tbilisi 2018

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It is tempting to think of Utopia as the penultimate expression of civilization, but as originally coined by Sir Thomas More, it was never meant to denote an actual place, but specifically refers to a non-existent fictional island society. Literally “No-Place”, it is a satire reflecting our troubles, inverting our destructive nature.

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Tea is an Artform

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Museeum recently ventured into the mysterious treasure that is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Located in the heart of Culver City in Los Angeles County, MJT welcomes guests to witness their permanent collection, Tula Tea Room, and glorious rooftop garden. Tula is a truly unique experience in which Nanuka Tchitchoua & Tula (a beautiful Silken Wind Hound, named after the Tea Room) hosts a traditionally Georgian Tea Ceremony for all the guests of the museum free of charge.

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A 5th Ecology

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A 5th Ecology invites over 25 architects, artists and designers to explore ways in which Reyner Banham’s reading of Los Angeles can inform our inquiry of the city today.
In 1971, the noted British architectural historian Reyner Banham wrote his seminal book on the city—Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies. In 1972, Banham returned to Los Angeles with a BBC documentary crew to film a homage to the city with which he was so enthralled. Using Baede-Kar—a fictitious audio tour guide—Banham drove across Los Angeles meeting artists, filmmakers, and diner waitresses, enthusiastically extolling the qualities of the sprawling metropolis. In so doing, Banham, the auto-flanuer, part historian and part provocateur, created a new form of critic and an alternative model for studying the city. ‘A 5th Ecology’ examines the under-exposed history of the sprawling metropolis and how to use it as a lens through which to view the contemporary city.

curated by Scrap Marshall & Berenika Boberska

October 2017


Starlit Skies: METAL Magazine

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Nanuka Tchitchoua is a Los Angeles-based artist who moved to the United States as a consequence of the civil war in her home country, Georgia. Having grown up surrounded by a family of art collectors, Nanuka was exposed to art from a very young age. Since then she’s realised that art would be an integral part of her life. Nanuka believes that people are born as stars and are connected by invisible threads. Her pieces are a rare representation of orderly chaos that portray the visible (and invisible) joys of life. 

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